Skip Hire Near Me have a rich and solid past with the waste industry, delivering Skip Hire Near Me services for all types of waste, like demolition or construction waste, with a wide range of Skip Hire Sizes from Mini Skip Hire to RORO Skip Hire. Those are delivered by Skip Hire Loader Wagon. On offering fantastic and cheap Skip Hire Services we pride ourselves. So it does not matter which skip size you need and what type of waste you have because Skip Hire Near Me has an available unit suitable according to your demands, you are welcome to Contact Skip Hire Near Me to deliberate over your options and set up a personalized quote for business and domestic customers.


Skip Hire Near Me Offers £25 Discount on All Available Skip Sizes.


Skip Hire Near Me Offering Both Same Day & Nex Day Delivery.


Customer Support of Skip Hire Near Me is Available 24/7 For Your Help.


When you are looking for best and cheap waste management and skip hire services in the United Kingdom, you really need someone to rely on to collect and deliver your ordered skip on time. You need a company that can offer affordable and cheap skip hire services and waste management services. At. Skip Hire Near Me offers fast, cost-effective, and friendly Skip Hire Near Me Services to businesses and households throughout the United Kingdom. Skip Hire Near Me can provide you with a wide range of Skip Hire Sizes with Cheap Skip Hire Prices to suits your budget and requirements, whether commercial or domestic. We provide care and quality are integral to the service. Through our services we consistently focus on ensuring our customers remain satisfied.


Regardless of whether or not you're searching out business Skip Hire Services, if you are placing your ordered skip on a public place or on road then you have to obtain Skip Hire Permit from your local council. But do not worry because Skip Hire Near Me obtain on your behalf if necessary. To issue a skip hire permit local council will require address of the client and the start/delivery date when client's ordered skip arrives. The price or cost of skip hire permit depends many factors like what is client location where the skip will be placed and how long client need it. Are you worried about it? Take it easy because Skip Hire Near Me provide you skip hire permit after getting it from local council and Skip Hire Near Me will charge £50 for skip hire permit.


When you are looking for Skip Hire Services, there are many factors to consider like what skip you need because there are many skip sizes are available in the United Kingdom. It's very difficult to know which skip size do you need. It's very important to choose the right size of skip for your small or large project. Normally Skips are measured in cubic yards, and in the UK skips are available in different sizes mini to roro skip like (Mini Skip Hire, Midi Skip Hire, Builders Skip Hire, Maxi Skip Hire and RORO (Roll-on Roll off) Skip Hire. Sizes according to cubic yard are (2 Yard Skip, 3 Yard Skip, 4 Yard Skip, 5 Yard Skip, 6 Yard Skip, 8 Yard Skip, 10 Yard Skip, 12 Yard Skip, 14 Yard Skip, 16 Yard Skip, 18 Yard Skip, 20 Yard Skip, 25 Yard Skip, 30 Yard Skip, 35 Yard Skip and 40 Yard Skip. That is why skip size matter, you have to choose the right one according to your need.


If you are starting any small or large project like garden or house clearance, a DIY (Do It Yourself) like bathroom and kitchen replacement or other minor building project and you need a skip hire to dispose your waste material safely. So it's very important how long you need a skip. If you know how many days you need a skip or your are estimating duration, you have to add an extra day because it's help you to provide you one more day to handle your unwanted waste. Many waste management companies or skip hire companies offers different skip hiring duration. Generally skip hiring duration is 14 days. But if you need skip more then 14 days, you have to contact Skip Hire Company to increase the hiring days of skip. Remembered if you increase hiring days of skip after 14 days you have to pay extra charges according to increased hiring days.


Skip Hire Near Me operating according to guidelines of the government. Skip Hire Near Me providing contact-free skip collection and skip delivery. You can hire any skip like 2 yard skip to 40 yard skip through our online booking system. As Skip Hire Near Me has not changed our online booking process, it's still very easy to get your ideal skip according to your need. When driver of Skip Hire Near Me arrives to your location with your ordered skip please keep your social distance with him at least 1.5 meter and do not attempt to shake hand with drivers. Drivers of Skip Hire Near Me are now wearing gloves that is why hand shaking would be prohibirive as well. If you don't want to be at site at the time of delivery then you have to inform us where you want to place your ordered skip.


Domestic Skip Hire is the best and ideal choice for residential projects like refurbishing your house/home, landscaping your garden, or taking on a Do It Yourself (DIY) project. For businesses carrying out related projects like shop refits, office and building clearance the Commercial Skip Hire are the best and ideal choice. 

Shortly, the main difference between commercial skip hire and residential skip hire is the permission required from the landowner when installing the container. If you have permission from the owner of the land you can install a skip anywhere on their land after this you do not need to get a permit to put a skip on commercial land. 

If you want to place your ordered residential skip on a public place or road, you have to get a permit from the local council. Skip Hire Near Me can obtain this prior to delivery at an additional charge. On the other hand, if your ordered residential skip is placed on your private land or area then you do not need to get a permit from the local council. But remember your ground must be suitable and must be strong for the skip to be placed.


We are able to supply and provide you variety of different sizes in skip hire services. To meet the requirements of both our commercial/business and domestic customers. We have 16 different skip sizes for our customers at cheap rates. Different Skip Hire Sizes are 2 Yard Skip, 3 Yard Skip, 4 Yard Skip, 5 Yard Skip,6 Yard Skip, 8 Yard Skip, 10 Yard Skip, 12 Yard Skip, 14 Yard Skip, 16 Yard Skip, 18 Yard Skip, 20 Yard Skip, 25 Yard Skip, 30 Yard Skip, 35 Yard Skip and 40 Yard Skip.


Mini Skips are the smallest skips that are available in the United Kingdom. You can place it anywhere because of it’s small size. Generally Mini Skip Hire are used for domestic projects. Mini Skip comes in two different sizes; 2 Yard Skip & 3 Yard Skip.


Midi Skips are larger then Mini Skip Hire and Midi Skip Hire have 2 different sizes; 4 Yard Skip & 5 Yard Skip. Generally Midi Skip are used for domestic use. Midi Skip Hire can handle more unwanted rubbish as compare to Mini Skip because of it’s large size.


Builders Skips are very famous among the builders of the United Kingdom that is why it’s called Builders Skips. Builders Skips generally have 2 different sizes; 6 Yard Skip & 8 Yard Skip. Often you can see Builders skip on road or on driveway.


Maxi Skips are one of the largest skips available in the United Kingdom.  Maxi Skips are available in different 5 sizes; 10 Yard Skip, 12 Yard Skip, 14 Yard Skip, 16 Yard Skip & 18 Yard Skip. Maxi Skips can hold massive amount of unwanted rubbish.


RORO Skips are second largest available in the United Kingdom. RORO Skips also called Roll-on Roll-off Skips. RORO Skips are available in different 5 sizes; 20 Yard Skip, 25 Yard Skip, 30 Yard Skip, 35 Yard Skip & 40 Yard Skip.


Lockable Skip are one of the safest skip available in the United Kingdom. Lockable Skip Hire is ideal because it’s make your rubbish safe from stolen. Lockable Skips equipped with lids and doors for further safety. Lockable Skip are available in all sizes.

What Can You Put In a Skip?

If you are worried about waste management, Skip Hire is one the best choice for getting rid of domestic, commercial and trade waste but there are some restrictions. There are prohibited items that is not allowed to throw in a skip because hazardous materials and waste that are threatening to the environment and human health. We mentioned What Can You Put In a Skip and what can’t you put in a skip. It is very important to know and to check what can’t and what you can put in a skip. There are many types of waste that are considered prohibited or hazardous from being disposed of with general waste in a skip. It’s very important to know because if you don’t know about it you may have to pay fine.

What Can You Put In a Skip
What Can't You Put In a Skip


Skip Hire Near Me offer a experienced and professional Skip Hire Services throughout the United Kingdom with simple online booking process. Whether your project large or small or you are from anywhere in the United Kingdom, Skip Hire Near Me provide you the ideal skip suited according to your needs. It means whether you are removing domestic waste from a house clear-out or disposing of waster from a business/commercial working site. Skip Hire Near Me offer same day and next day delivery and collection from any postcode across the United Kingdom. Skip Hire Near Me working with our trusted partners, Skip Hire Near Me is your ideal choice for hiring a skip according to your needs across the United Kingdom.

Covering Area's of England

Covering Area's of Scotland

Covering Area's of Wales

Covering Area's of Northern Ireland


Skip Hire Prices of Skip Hire Near Me are totally transparent. Just like when you buy anything in a shop. Skip Hire Prices vary on different factos like size of the ordered skip ,the location of the customer where skip will be placed and depends on hiring days. For small to medium projects 4 Yard Skip, 6 Yard Skip, 8 Yard Skip is best and for large projects 10 Yard, 12 Yard, 14 Yard and 40 Yard is ideal. These skips are often seen across the country on streets and driveways. Skip Hire Near Me mentioned Average Skip Hire Price List below based on counties that the skip is kept on a private land or driveway.

2 - 3 Yard Mini SkipApproximately 30+ Bin Bags£60 - £130
4-5 Yard Midi SkipApproximately 40+ Bin Bags£100 - £250
6 Yard Builders SkipApproximately 60+ Bin Bags£120 - £300
8 Yard Builders SkipApproximately 80+ Bin Bags£160 - £370
10 Yard Maxi SkipApproximately 100+ Bin Bags£180 - £400
12 Yard Maxi SkipApproximately 120+ Bin Bags£220 - £440
14 Yard Maxi SkipApproximately 145+ Bin Bags£220 - £460
16 Yard Maxi SkipApproximately 170+ Bin Bags£240 - £500
18 Yard Maxi SkipApproximately 195+ Bin Bags£280 - £550
20 Yard RORO SkipApproximately 220+ Bin Bags£300 - £600
30 Yard RORO SkipApproximately 330+ Bin Bags£320 - £650
40 Yard RORO SkipApproximately 440+ Bin Bags£400 - £800


Skip Hire Near Me is offering Rubbish Removal Services across the United Kingdom. Skip Hire Near Me can normally remove your rubbish on the  same day or you can also tell us which day you want our Rubbish Removal Services. If you want Rubbish Removal Services for small project we will send one man with a van to clear your site if you want Rubbish Removal Services for large project we can send two mans or more then two mans according to your project. All the members of Skip Hire Near Me are qualified and highly trained in line with the current Rubbish Removal Regulations.


Book Skip Hire, Rubbish Removal, or any other Waste Management Services from Skip Hire Near Me is a simple and easy process. Choose your waste type and enter your postcode into our online skip hire order system and follow the on-screen instructions to secure your required waste removal service. If you are starting any Do It Yourself (DIY) project, new construction, or doing some garden or home improvements, or if you are trying to get rid of bulky waste, Skip Hire Near Me always find the best solution with discounted prices for you.


If you need any assistance, our team is always there for you. We appreciate your opinion and advice about our service. Our skips are recollected right on the day of hire expiry. If you have a worthy experience with our service, don’t forget to recommend us to others. You can keep our skips for a 14 days hire period. We deliver skips to you on time. They are supplied right on the delivery day, be it same-day delivery or a specific day delivery.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Over our long successful history, Skip Hire Near Me has accrued a host of satisfied clients. Skip Hire Near Me is always thrilled to hear that our respected clients are happy and below are just a few examples of the kind words that Skip Hire Near Me received from our customers over the years.

Fantasic service! The online booking process was so easy and simple. Website is super clear and contains everything needed to select my required skip. My ordered skip was delivered and collected exactly as arranged.
Meren Wainhouse
Awesome skip hire services our skip hire arrived right on time. Our ordered skip placed on the side of the driveway. Skip was picked up promptly and it was very easy to use. I highly recommended it.
Simon Robinson