4 Yard Skip Hire is the smallest skip in the category of Midi Skip Hire that is available in the United Kingdom. If you are searching for an affordable, efficient, and easy way to dispose or store your domestic waste, This 4 cubic yard skip Hire is the ideal solution. Four-Yard Skip Hire can help you to handle accommodate waste of bathroom refits, garden clearance, kitchen refits and you can also use it as a secondary skip for waste that can't be mixed. This Midi Skip is easy to use that is why you can place it in limited space or off-road in driveways and gardens.


4 Yard Skip Hire is the best option for small maintenance projects and for small domestic clearance. Four cubic yard skip can hold approximately 40 to 50 black bin bags. Here at Skip Hire Near Me, we aim to make the hiring of Four Cubic Yard Skip Hire affordable and hassle-free in the United Kingdom. Skip Hire Near Me also dispose and remove your trash efficiently.


Four Cubic Yard Skip is the smallest skip size of the midi skip range. Four cubic yard skip is a versatile skip because it is used by both domestic and commercial clients. If you are a Do It Yourself (DIY) project lover and looking for the best skip hire size for your project, Four Cubic Yard Skip Hire is the best option for you to go project smoothly and hassle-free. Four cubic yard skip is an ideal choice for small construction projects like bathroom refits and kitchen refits. You can also hire this four cubic yard skip for domestic projects it can handle your home waste and garden waste.


Skip Hire Near Me is one of the best options for you in the United Kingdom if you are looking for midi four skip hire services because of our competitive four-yard skip hire prices and flexible collections. We are offering a wide range of skip hire sizes and the service of four-yard skip hire is one of them. If you need a skip for short time or for a long time do not worry Skip Hire Near Me will provide you for both periods. Skip Hire Near Me offers same-day and next-day delivery and collections. We will also help you with getting Skip Hire Permit from your local council if you want to place your ordered four cubic yard skip on public property.


Some Frequently Asked Questions about 4 Yard Skip Hire Near Me are given below;

  1. What are the dimensions of a four cubic yard skip?
  2. How much does a four yard midi skip cost to hire?
  3. How much waste can a four yard skip hold?
  4. What kind of jobs are four yard skips suitable for?
  5. What can I put into a four yard skip?
  6. Will I need a skip hire permit?
  7. Quick tip for hiring four yard midi skip?
  8. When you will collect the four yard skip hire?

What are the dimensions of a 4 yard skip?

Skip Hire Services providers have varying skip dimensions but normally the four cubic yard skip hire size in feet is 3’2″ Feet Height x 4’3″ Feet Width x 6 Feet length and size of a four-yard skip in meters is 0.96m Height, 1.22m Width, 1.80m Length.

How much does a 4 yard skip cost to hire?

4 Yard Skip Hire is one of the cheapest skip hire sizes, the average price of a four cubic yard skip is £85 to £140. The cost of a four cubic yard skip may vary for many reasons like the geographic location of the customer and the type of waste thrown into the skip.

How much waste can a 4 yard skip hold?

Approximately the four cubic yard skip can hold 40 to 50 black bin bags of trash. Midi Skip Hire (4 Yard Skip, 5 Yard Skip) and Mini Skip Hire (2 Yard Skip, 3 Yard Skip) are very famous among the domestic customers of the United Kingdom due to their affordability and convenience.

What kind of jobs are 4 yard skips suitable for?

4 Yard Skip is one of the skip hire sizes of Midi Skip. A four cubic yard skip is best for kitchen refits, house renovation, garden clearance, seasonal clear-outs, and bathroom refits. Four cubic yard skip hire can handle medium size objects like small fridges, televisions, small sofas, bikes, and chairs.

What can I put into a 4 yard skip?

Hiring a skip is very famous throughout the United Kingdom to handle the waste. There are some items that you can throw in your ordered skip like organic waste, domestic waste, wood, metal, furniture, and rubble. You cannot throw some items that are chemicals, tyres, asbestos, gas cylinders, fluorescent blubs, electrical items, and hazardous waste. You can dispose of the following items without any hassle that is given below;\

  • Garden Waste: Foliage, Wood, Tree Branches and Soil (Not contaminated with oil or asbestos)
  • Building Waste: Metal, Bricks, Hard Core, Plastic and Building Rubble
  • Household Waste: Fittings (Non-Electrical), Solidified Paint, Domestic Waste like Packaging and Food, Gas Cookers and furniture.

Will I need a skip hire permit?

The requirement of a Skip Hire Permit depends on the customer. If the customer wants to place its ordered skip on a public road then the skip permit is compulsory on the other hand if the customer wants to place it in his own private place then a skip hire permit is not required. Normally the cost of a skip hire permit is £50 but different local councils charges different prices.

Quick tip for hiring 4 yard midi skip?

If you are hiring 4 yard midi skip in a hurry, you have to know about the measurements of 4 yard skip hire and the measurements you required. The measurements of a four-yard midi skip are 3’2″ Feet Height x 4’3″ Feet Width x 6 Feet length. If you require the same measurements then it’s all good otherwise you have to find another one large than 4 yard midi skip for yourself.

When you will collect the 4 yard skip hire?

Once you have done your project you have to inform us. Our experienced and expert team will collect it as soon as possible and you don’t need to be there at that moment.

Any discount you are offering?

Yes, Skip Hire Near Me offering £25 discount on four yard midi skip. Now you can hire your four cubic yard midi skip at cheapest prices.