Many people face different problems while they are looking for skip hire near me services and they have many questions about skip hire services. So, Skip Hire Near Me pulled together a list of Skip Hire FAQs (Skip Hire Frequently Asked Questions). Hopefully, you will get all answers to your questions on this page. Unfortunately, if the answer to your question is not mentioned here you have to visit our contact us page and after filling out the contact form send it to us. Our friendly team will get to you asap.

Skip Hire Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for skip hire near me services or are you thinking for ordering a skip online but you have some questions? Please check out our list of Skip Hire FAQs that are given below;

If you have space on your own property, in this case, you don’t need a skip hire permit, but if you don’t have any space on your property, you have to place your skip on a public place like a road in this case you need a skip hire permit to place it on a public area we can arrange it for you on your behalf because it’s illegal to place any skip on a public place without permission.

Commercial Project: You can put soil, hardcore, rubble, and bricks (That are not contaminated). Domestic Project: You can put wood, plastic, metal, furnishings, packaging, fixtures, furniture and non-electrical fittings.

For safety and legal reasons, there are many items that we cannot take away in a skip. The prohibited items are Electronic equipment and electrical waste (including microwave, radio, hairdryer, television, toaster, fridge and kettle), tyres, asbestos, plasterboards, liquids (like oil), chemicals and solvents, gas bottles, batteries, medical or clinical waste (including soiled dressing, syringe, medicine bottle).

Please visit our contact us page and fill out our contact form in which you have to mention your waste type and the amount of your waste. Our friendly team will guide you according to your given information.

According to rules and regulations, you must not over-fill your ordered skip. Over-filled skip is not safe to transport; that is why an over-filled skip will not be transported under any circumstances. At the time of delivery, you can also ask our driver about skip filling.

As long as you require, you can keep your ordered skip, but the normal period of hiring any skip is 14 days. If you want to keep your ordered skip after more than 14 days, in this case, you have to pay extra charges.

Skip Hire Near Me aims to provide the best skips near me or waste management services at the lowest prices. The price of any skip size is calculated based on the location of the customer, the required skip size, the amount and type of the waste and the skip hire permit requirements.

Your local council will charge a fixed amount but keep in mind different local councils charge a different fees; generally, the fee for a skip hire permit is £50.

If you are worried about fly tipping in your ordered skip, Skip Hire Near Me suggests you hire an enclosed skip. On the other hand, you can also report fly-tipping to your local council.

When you are done and ready to have your ordered skip exchanged or collected, just contact us by filling out our contact form. Our team will collect and exchange it asap.

Skip Hire Near Me mentioned some items that are considered Hazardous waste, and they are unaccepted. If you have any item that is mentioned in this list, please contact us before ordering your skip to arrange an appropriate removal because this requires a special license and a different waste removal solution. Hazardous waste (items) are Corrosive liquid, Aerosols, Paint, Fire extinguishers, Plasterboard, Batteries, Fridges, Explosives, Solvents, Laboratory waste, Anti-freeze, Vehicle batteries, Asbestos, Pesticides, Medical waste, Waste oils, Vehicle wheels, Gas canisters, Motor oils, Biological waste, Computer monitors and televisions, Light bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

To allow the skip lorry to get into your property to place your ordered skip Skip Hire Near Me would ask for 9 to 10 feet width on the entrance of your driveway.

Yes, of course, Skip Hire Near Me will provide you with a free quote.

Skip Hire Near Me offers same-day delivery and next-day delivery.

Absolutely not! There are no hidden charges that is why people recommend skip hire near me for hiring any skip.

Yes! You may have to pay extra charges if you need a skip hire permit, Wasted journey, Over filling of your order skip, damaging ordered skip and prohibited items.

Yes! Skip Hire Near Me offers waste disposal services for contractors and builders.

If you have already paid the cost of your order skip via debit card or credit card, you do not need to be there when the skip is delivered. Skip Hire Near Me operates a fully paperless automatic system which is why we send you a receipt of your booking and delivery confirmation by email. On the other hand, if you want to pay via COD (Cash on Delivery), you will have to be at the location of delivery to hand your payment to our driver.

Yes, Skip Hire Near Me has a wide range of skip sizes from 2 yard skip to 40 yard skip. It does not matter if your project is small or big, and it also doesn’t matter if your project is commercial or domestic.